Airolite Advantage

Inside Airolite - The Airolite Advantage

There are many good reasons to work with Airolite on your next building project, and here are just a few of them…

Design and Engineering

We love to help architects fulfill their visions by providing proven design and engineering expertise. From initial concept to product delivery, Airolite offers comprehensive engineering services such as preliminary design details, attachment and support layout—and analyses of wind load, thermal expansion, inter-story movement, seismic analysis and more. We also provide assistance with product selection, samples and mock-ups, budget constraints and finish/color selection.

Airolite can deliver any innovative look a client envisions through proven engineering expertise, high-end design, the use of high-quality materials and color options and custom shapes—no visual design is too complex.

Quality Manufacturing

Airolite continues to invest in innovative manufacturing capabilities and processes. We manufacture products to meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's building projects which require a firm commitment to the latest technologies. Airolite's manufacturing capabilities are constantly evolving to respond to new design ideas.

Testing and Certification

Airolite engineers continuously develop and introduce new and redesigned product solutions based on input from the architectural community and our manufacturer's rep organization. Aiolite's on-site, state-of-the-art laboratory ensures that our products meet or exceed the latest industry requirements. Our proprietary product development laboratory facilitates economic development of custom products and targeted performance milestones prior to certification by independent laboratory and testing authorities. All Airolite test data is determined in accordance with current test standards which are developed by independent, third-party laboratories. Ratings are certified by independent agencies.

Airolite engineers always have one goal in mind: deliver value that exceeds customers' expectations.

Finish After Assembly

Airolite can help you bring any vision to fruition with 39 standard fluoropolymer and acrylic enamel coating colors, seven standard anodize colors and unlimited custom color matching. Two-coat and three-coat primer and oven=cured Kynar 500®/Hyler 5000® resin coatings also are available. We coat all our products in strict adherence to the applicator licenses of the industry's major coatings manufacturers. Every Airolite product is finished after assemble ensuring that all exposed edges and surfaces receive maximum protection for longer life and aesthetic appeal.

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Qwik Ship Gets It There Fast

At Airolite, we know how crucial it is to deliver our products on time when crews and equipment are on-site. Airolite's customer support staff coordinates factory production schedules with our local Airolite representatives and project managers to ensure on-time delivery. And if the project is on a very tight schedule, Airolite's Qwik-Ship service offers a wide range of available standard configurations and accessories for accelerated delivery.

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