Airolite Louvers Achieve AMCA Listings for Impact and Rain Resistance


Airolite is the first architectural louver manufacturer to have louver products AMCA Listed as Impact Resistant Louvers and AMCA Listed as High Velocity Rain Resistant and Impact Resistant Louvers. The AMCA Listing designation is relative for louvers that are applied within the designated Hurricane Prone Regions, which includes, but is not limited to, Florida as required by the new Florida Building Code (AMCA 540 and AMCA 550) and the upcoming International Building Code version 2012 (AMCA 540 only). To achieve these designations, Airolite louvers passed stringent AMCA 540 Large Missile Impact testing and AMCA 550 High Velocity Wind-Driven Rain testing with wind speeds of 35, 70, 90 and 110 mph and a simulated 8.8 inches of rain/hour. Airolite achieved AMCA 540 licensing for all Florida approved louvers and Miami-Dade Qualified louvers while AMCA 550 licensing was obtained for several louver models.