Airolite delivers “The Look that Works.”

Airolite has been helping architects enhance the appearance and performance of buildings since 1920, when our founders invented, manufactured, and began marketing the metal louver. Today, architects, builders and building owners across the U.S. look to Airolite for innovative, effective product solutions that make a unique visual statement while still performing critical building functions. We call it “The Look that Works.”

Airolite can help you ventilate, reduce glare, prevent water penetration, save energy, provide visual screens, and add security to new and renovated buildings—while still making a stunning first impression. Every architectural product we manufacture is crafted and assembled with pride in America at our Schofield, WI, and Shelby, NC facilities.

You’ll find Airolite louvers, grilles, screens, and sun controls on many of the world’s most prominent buildings:

Discover the Airolite Advantage
Discover the Airolite Advantage

Design, engineering, quality manufacturing, testing and certification, and more.

Airolite offers comprehensive engineering services that include preliminary design details, attachment, and support layout—and analyses of wind load, thermal expansion . . . We also assist with product selection, samples and mock-ups, budget constraints and finish/color selection. Our manufacturing capabilities constantly evolve to respond to new design ideas—always focusing on quality.

All Airolite test data is determined according to current test standards developed by independent, third-party laboratories. Ratings are certified by independent agencies. Our on-site, state-of-the-art laboratory ensures that our products meet or exceed the latest industry requirements.

Airolite engineers always have one goal in mind: deliver value that exceeds customers' expectations.