Responsible, professional manufacturing ethics.

Airolite is dedicated to full and complete compliance with all U.S, Export laws and regulations relevant to the conduct of its business. The policies below describe the practices Airolite follows to ensure compliance with these laws.



The goal of The Greenheck Group, “Airolite”, is to facilitate and expedite worldwide trade in an effective and efficient manner while also complying with all U.S. Export laws and regulations that apply to exports with our global operations. Airolite is committed to compliance with all Export laws and regulations in each country where we do business, including the laws and regulations of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and any other U.S. agency, statute, or regulation.

Airolite will not knowingly engage in any illegal activity under any circumstances and will not condone or support the illegal activity of any party with which it has dealings. These strict export compliance policies apply to Airolite’s representatives, agents, employees, subsidiaries, and independent contractors. Airolite is dedicated to the development of procedures, including the corporation’s export manual, to comply with established laws and regulations and therefore internal controls to ensure that those requirements are met.

Airolite also obeys U.S. anti-boycott laws that prohibit U.S. based companies from participating in restrictive trade and/or unsanctioned boycotts. We report any requests to participate in an unsanctioned boycott to the U.S. government.

Any companies re-exporting Airolite products, services, or technology must comply with their local and U.S. re-export laws and regulations. For guidance on export rules and regulations relating to a sales order, please contact your Airolite sales representative to arrange a discussion with the Compliance Team.



California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires companies manufacturing product in California to disclose what efforts they make to address human trafficking and slavery.

The Greenheck Group (Airolite) is committed to the highest possible standard of corporate integrity, and we hold our suppliers and employees to the same standards. It is our expectation that all suppliers provide high quality raw materials which are produced within compliance of all applicable laws.

Verification of Supply Chain: At this time Airolite does not require that our suppliers certify compliance with laws relating to human trafficking and slavery. Airolite requires that strategic suppliers sign standard terms and conditions which require compliance with all laws including those related to slavery or human trafficking.


Should you have any questions regarding this law as it applies to our suppliers, please contact