Airolite louver type SCV302MD is a vertical blade louver that is Florida Building Code Approved for use in the High Velocity Hurrican Zone and Miami-Dade Approved for use where the room behind the louver is not designed to drain water penetrating into the room or the room will house non-water resistant or water proof equipment, components or supplies.

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Beginning Point of Water Penetration 1,250 FPM (6.350 m/s)
Pressure Drop at Beginning Point of Water Penetration 0.276 in. wg (0.069kPa)
Test Standard AMCA Standard 500-L Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind Driven Rain, AMCA 540 Test Method for Louvers Impacted by Wind Borne Debris (Basic Protection, Missile D), AMCA 550 High Velocity Wind Driven Rain, Florida Test Protocol: TAS 201 Large Missile Impact, Florida Test Protocol: TAS 202 Uniform Static Air Pressure, Florida Test Protocol: TAS 203 Cyclic Wind Loading
Percent Free Area 50.8% (4 ft. x 4 ft.)
Louver Depth 3 in. (76.2 mm)


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