Airolite louver type T6636 is an adjustable blade louver intended for high volume intake and exhaust applications that require maximum louver free area and minimum static pressure loss. The louver blades may be rotated to a 45-degree orientation to provide weather protection or to a 90-degree fully-open position to yield maximum intake or exhaust rates.

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Beginning Point of Water Penetration 1,069 fpm (5.43 m/s)
Pressure Drop at Beginning Point of Water Penetration 0.12 in. wg (0.04kPa)
Test Standard AMCA Standard 500-L Water and Air Performance
Blade Angle 45°/90°
Percent Free Area 40% 45° open; 68% 90° open (4 ft. x ft.)
Louver Depth 6” (152.4 mm)


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