YBH Audi Devon Dealership
222 W. Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA
The Vision

This new, two-story, 50,000-square foot Audi dealership, opened in Devon, PA in December, 2014. It’s the first flagship terminal for Audi of America in the Philadelphia market.

The owner, YBH Auto Group, wanted to make a bold, eye-catching statement since the dealership is located on a street with several luxury dealerships such as Mercedes Benz and Maserati. YBH Audi includes a showroom with reception and office space, a service and repair shop and a car wash. Minimizing sound emitted from the business was also a priority because a residential area is directly behind the dealership.

The Airolite Look...

The main part of the building façade consists of a window wall and a silver, perforated wire-mesh wall (Dri-design® panel system) which gives the building a sleek, contemporary, upscale appearance. Two 55-inch high Airolite inverted blade louver screens, Model ENCB609, were installed on both roof levels to continue this look and conceal unsightly HVAC and other mechanical equipment from view. The lower roof L shaped screen is 52’ 10-21/32” x 30’ 10-13/32”. The upper roof U shaped screen is 64’ 10-29/32” x 89’ 5-5/16” x 64’ 10-29/32”. The horizontal lines in the Airolite screens complement the modern sleek horizontal lines in the wall panel system. The four-inch deep inverted blades ensure that no one can see through the screens from ground level. Mitered corners and concealed mullions further enhance the look of these louver screens. A clear anodize finish applied to the aluminum louver extrusions matches the silver tones on the main part of the building for aesthetic continuity.

That Works

The Airolite louver screen ENCB609 is a versatile, horizontal and inverted blade louver screen that functions extremely well as a sight and security barrier. The inverted blades also help deflect sound upward and away from the surrounding neighborhood. “The 13 sections of louver screens were shipped on time and easily elevated to the roof for quick installation,” stated John McKinley, general manager for Audi Devon. “We are extremely happy with the product and they are performing as specified.”


  • Architects:

    Penney Design Group, Bethesda, MD

  • Airolite Representative:

    The Lenehan Group, Devon, PA